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CITYGREEN is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology. Winner of the MPAS Awards 2015 as well as APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for six consecutive years - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, it covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

The articles are written by well-known experts and professionals from disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban ecology. As a magazine, it is a useful resource and communicates valuable information in highly readable and delightfully illustrated format.

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Martha, S. (2011, July). The Softer Side of Sustainability & the Hardworking Urban Landscape, CITYGREEN: Parks - Enhancing Liveability in Cities, 3, 122-127.

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Issue 15
Verdant Cities

Issue 14
Nature in Urban Space

Issue 13
Exploring Connections

Issue 12
City Habitats

Issue 11
Ecologically Healthy Cities

Issue 10
Resilience in Cities

Issue 9
Nature and Health in Cities

Issue 8
Cultivating the City

Issue 7
Stepping Up with Green

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Green Spaces for Sustainable Cities

Issue 5
Water and the City

Issue 4
Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape

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Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities

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Green in Cities goes Skywards

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Featuring Gardens by the Bay


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Cultivating the City
Featured Writers: Natelie Marie Gulsrud, Dave Kendal, Mark J. McDonnell & Henry Steed   ISBN
Published: Jan 14
SGD15.00 (GST inclusive)    
awards the 5th skyrise greenery awards 2013

The 5th Skyrise Greenery Awards 2013: Nurturing Excellence in Skyrise Greenery in Singapore
National Parks Board, Singapore Institute of Architects, Building and Construction Authority, and partners recognise skyrise greening efforts in the region
Authors: Lok Yan Ling

Page number: 14-19

awards the 5th lias awards of excellence 2013

The 5th LIAS Awards of Excellence 2013: Recognising Partners of the Singapore Landscape Industry
Landscape Industry Association (Singapore) rewards the achievements of Singapore Landscape contractors, designers, and owners
Presented by Landscape Industry Association Singapore

Page number: 28-33

awards the 9th singapore landscape architecture awards 2013

The 9th Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards 2013: Winning Innovations in Singapore Landscape Architecture
Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects rounds up the best landscape designs in Singapore
Presented by Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA)

Page number: 40-45

reports cuge schemes for landscape industry development

CUGE Schemes for Landscape Industry Development: A Strong Shade of Green
Landscape Productivity Grant Scheme, Nursery Accreditation Scheme, Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework, and more
Author: Narelle Yabuka

Page number: 54-57

reports recent research on urbanisation

Recent Research on Urbanisation: Green Spaces and Well-Being of City Dwellers
Recent Research on Urbanisation: Green Spaces and Well-Being of City Dwellers
Authors: Alex Smalley and Angelia Sia

Page number: 62-63

parkslandscapes forms textures and colours

Forms, Textures, and Colours: The Art of Planting
Composing landscape masterpieces with the right plants for the right jobs
Author: Henry Steed

Page number: 64-69

parkslandscapes jacob ballas children garden

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: Asia’s First Children’s Garden
An educational focus and attraction at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Authors: Janice Yau and Winnie Wong

Page number: 70-75

parkslandscapes far east organization children garden

Far East Organisation Children’s Garden: The Nature and Science of Child’s Play
The new attraction for children at Gardens by the Bay
Authors: Chris Low, Ng Boon Gee and Anton van der Schans

Page number: 76-83

project features terminal 3 of changi airport singapore

Terminal 3 of Changi Airport Singapore: Weaving the Airport’s Green Tapestry
A soaring indoor green wall forms an iconic highlight of a first-class airport
Author: Franklin Po

Page number: 84-93

project features ite college west

ITE College West: Realising Waves of Transformation
The dynamic architecture of ITE’s second main campus is set for progress
Authors: Lai Wai Heng, Alexandra Zech, Juliana Chan Sok Yin, Helen Smith-Yeo and Deric Seow

Page number: 96-107

project features vivocity

VivoCity: Nature Meets Architecture in a mall
A “surfing” theme for the design reinforces the seafront location of VivoCity Shopping Centre
Author: Joanna Lee Sook Huey

Page number: 108-113

project features pangshan grove

Pangshan Grove: Bridging Man and Nature
An innovation dry creek is the life force of this LEAF-certified Housing and Development Board project
Authors: Rachel Teo and Derek Loei

Page number: 114-121

project features redevelopment of place darcy

Redevelopment of Place Darcy: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Restraint
The renewal of Darcy Square in the City of Dijon, France, is culturally sustainable
Authors: Alfred Peter

Page number: 122-129

commentary potential consequences for management urban ecosystems and the urban public

Potential Consequences for Management, Urban Ecosystems, and the Urban Public:Adapting Urban Forests to Climate Change
Cities as “urban forests” and where they need to be adapted for climate change
Authors: Dave Kendal and Mark J. McDonnell

Page number: 130-137

commentary lessons from singapore and abroad

Lessons from Singapore and Abroad: Green City Branding in Perspective
Some branding strategies by governments on board the green agenda
Author: Natalie Marie Gulsrud

Page number: 138-143