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CITYGREEN is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology. Winner of the MPAS Awards 2015 as well as APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for six consecutive years - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, it covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

The articles are written by well-known experts and professionals from disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban ecology. As a magazine, it is a useful resource and communicates valuable information in highly readable and delightfully illustrated format.

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Martha, S. (2011, July). The Softer Side of Sustainability & the Hardworking Urban Landscape, CITYGREEN: Parks - Enhancing Liveability in Cities, 3, 122-127.

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Issue 15
Verdant Cities

Issue 14
Nature in Urban Space

Issue 13
Exploring Connections

Issue 12
City Habitats

Issue 11
Ecologically Healthy Cities

Issue 10
Resilience in Cities

Issue 9
Nature and Health in Cities

Issue 8
Cultivating the City

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Stepping Up with Green

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Green Spaces for Sustainable Cities

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Water and the City

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Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape

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Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities

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Green in Cities goes Skywards

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Featuring Gardens by the Bay


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Ecologically Healthy Cities
CITYGREEN issue 11
Featured Writers: Lena Chan, Graham Rook, Agnieszka Anna Olszewska, Cary Cooper, Kathleen Wolf   ISBN
Published: Nov 15
SGD15.00 (GST inclusive)    
Awards LEAF PR

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework Certified Developments 2015: More Pervasive Greenery in Local Landscapes
National Parks Board’s certification scheme dedicated to the provision and management of greenery wraps up its third year of assessment
Author: CITYGREEN Editorial Team

Page number: 14-27

 Awards Skyrise Greenery Awards WG

Skyrise Greenery Awards 2015: Standing Out with Skyrise Greening
1 Outstanding, 7 Excellence, and 4 Special Award winners of National Parks Board’s award scheme to recognise exemplary skyrise greening in Singapore this year
Author: Joelyn Oh

Page number: 28-38 

Reports Journey of Skyrise Greenery RP

Journey of Skyrise Greenery in Singapore: Growing Our Canopy in the Sky
Programmes to encourage rooftop gardens and green walls advance the vision of a green Singapore
Author: Lok Yan Ling

Page number: 40-43 

Reports The Community in Nature Initiative pic

The Community in Nature Initiative: Reconnecting Singapore’s Urbanites with Nature
Biodiversity programmes for schools, families, volunteers, professionals, and individuals to promote natural heritage protection
Authors: Lena Chan, Linda Goh, Samantha Lai , and Zhou Boyi

Page number: 44-49 

Reports Our Health and Environmental PIC

Our Health and Environmental Microbial Biodiversity: The Health Benefits of Green Space – Psychology or Biology?
A scientist of microbial biodiversity investigates an alternative mechanism for how exactly nature benefits human health
Author: Graham Rook

Page number: 46-49

Reports Enhancing Urban Landscape Potato

Enhancing Urban Landscape with Neuroscience Tools: Lessons from the Human Brain
A Fascinating look at how neuroscience concepts can contribute to the traditionally artistic discipline of urban landscape design
Authors: Agnieszka Anna Olszewska, Paulo Farinha Marques and Fernando Barbosa

Page number: 50-55 

Reports Biophilic Practices

An Overview: Biophilic Practices in Singapore
Green design practices fulfil not only liveability but also biophilic objectives in Singapore
Author: Lena Chan

Page number: 56-67

Reports The Role of Biophilic Design

The Role of Biophilic Design in Creating Healthy Workplaces: Why Workplaces Need More Nature
The big effects of small addictions of nature elements like greenery and sunlight in raising productivity and well-being in a workplace
Author: Cary Cooper

Page number: 68-71 

Reports IGBC 2015

International Green Building Conference 2015: Build Green, Live Smart
Asia’s premier event on green building explored the role of smart technology and tools while Building and Construction Authority announced its new Green Mark 2015 and other plans

Page number: 72-73 

Parks  Landscapes Rail Corridor

An Academic Approach for the Rail Corridor: Ideas for a National Mall in Singapore
A proposal to repurpose the defunct rail corridor into a grand promenade by students of National University of Singapore’s Master of Landscape of Architecture programme
Authors: Feng Yuanqiu and Jörg Rekittke

Page number: 74-83

Project Features Shantou Mangrove Forest

Shantou Mangrove Forest: The Experience of Ecological Landscape Design
AECOM Shanghai’s landscape architecture team reinvents its approach to the restoration and landscape design of Shantou Mangrove Forest in China
Author: Benjamin Loh

Page number: 84-93

Project Features Lee Kong Chian Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum: Living Encyclopedia
Tierra Design’s Landscape architecture for Singapore’s first natural history museum is a living interactive encyclopedia on local native plant species and habitats
Author: Sandhya Naidu Janardhan

Page number: 94-103

Ecology Parks Parks Connectors Biodiversity

Parks, Park Connectors, and Biodiversity: Forest Friends in Our Midst
What creatures rely on our park connectors? How do we improve their design to attract more of such users?
Authors: Serene Chng and Geoffrey Davison

Page number: 104-113

 Ecology A Study of 32 Roofs Gardens in SG Bio A Study of 32 Roof Gardens in Singapore: Biodiversity Oases in the Urban Jungle

Assessing roof gardens' role in enhancing urban biodiversity
Authors: Chloe Tan and Vivien Lee, Edward Webb and Jessica Bramley-Alves 

Page number: 114-119

Ecology Swamp Thing 120

The Survival of Singapore's Last Freshwater Swamp Forest: Swamp Thing
Ongoing and future research to conserve the biodiversity assets of Nee Soon freshwater swamp forest
Authors: Geoffrey Davison and Cai Yixiong

Page number: 120-123

Ecology Safeguarding Our Natural Heritage

Safeguarding Our Natural Heritage: Habitat Enhancement and Species Recovery in Pulau Ubin
The Ubin Project envisions the sensitive enhancement and conservation of Pulau Ubin's wildfire habitats
Authors: Noel Thomas and Germaine Leng

Page number: 124-129

Interview Meet Our Pioneer Gardeners

Shifting Landscapes for Landscape Contractors: Meet Our Pioneer Gardeners
CITYGREEN asks the founders of three pioneers local landscape contracting companies about their decades of greening Singapore
Authors: Chris Low

Page number: 144-151

Commentary Urban Green Space For Mental Wellness

Urban Green Space for Mental Wellness: Reflect, Restore, and Heal
A research social scientist considers the research of greening cities for mental well-being
Authors: Kathleen Wolf

Page number: 152-159