About CUGE Research

CUGE Research is a branch in the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology and the National Parks Board of Singapore. It engages in multidisciplinary research on the greening and ecology of cities. Through its research programs, CUGE Research aims to enhance greenery planning, design and management in cities.

CUGE Research works in close partnerships with other research institutions and agencies. Its research is focused on three key areas:

• Arboriculture & Plant Health
• Horticulture, Built Greenery & Urban Ecology
• Social & Sustainability Studies and Publications

The research outcomes are translated into guidelines and standards, that are targeted to upgrade industry practices and know-how. The list of CUGE Research publications are found in this link.

Publications   Research Programmes  
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- Books
- CUGE Standards
- Research Technical Notes
- Scientific Papers
  - Urban Greenery
- Urban Studies
- Urban Ecology
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