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May 2015, 92 Pages, Free Copy

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A Guide to Landscape Weed Management


Chin Siew Wai is a researcher with Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology at National Parks Board. He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Plant Biology from the National University of Singapore and a PhD from University of California, Davis. His research interests include landscape weed management; utility of native grasses for turf; turfgrass nutrition; turfgrass ecophysiology; plant molecular biology and plant taxonomy. He is also interested to use technological tools to manage turf quality. Siew Wai has conducted several training sessions on general weed and turf management for green space managers.


Ornamental landscape plantings are prevalent in Singapore. Their neat and tidy layout comprising layers of plant diversity is tasteful to designers’ eyes and pleasing to onlookers. However, such diverse plantings make weed management a difficult task for landscape workers.

The sight of workers pulling weeds from a poorly maintained lawn astonished me as such weeding effort was unproductively laborious and often left them demoralized. In addition, they might not be aware that some weeds have persistent underground parts that could not be effectively removed with simple pulling. Thus, some knowledge of weed characteristics might help them manage these weeds in their planting areas better.

This guidebook first leads readers into basic biology of weeds before discussing various weed control methods. A pictorial chapter on common weeds in Singapore is included to guide readers to learn about the broad categories of weeds. Next, the integrated weed management principle is illustrated with an example of sedge weed management. Finally, a summary of weed management recommendations for lawn and ornamental plantings can serve as quick tips to be applied in the field.

This book is not a solution to a weed infestation. However, it serves as a companion text for landscape professionals and workers to understand that an effective weed management program comes through smart applications of various weed control methods. This is especially significant for the pervasive landscape ornamental plantings in our City in a Garden.

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