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CITYGREEN is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology. Winner of the MPAS Awards 2015 as well as APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for six consecutive years - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, it covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

The articles are written by well-known experts and professionals from disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban ecology. As a magazine, it is a useful resource and communicates valuable information in highly readable and delightfully illustrated format.

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Martha, S. (2011, July). The Softer Side of Sustainability & the Hardworking Urban Landscape, CITYGREEN: Parks - Enhancing Liveability in Cities, 3, 122-127.

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Verdant Cities

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Nature in Urban Space

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Exploring Connections

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City Habitats

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Ecologically Healthy Cities

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Resilience in Cities

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Nature and Health in Cities

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Cultivating the City

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Stepping Up with Green

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Green Spaces for Sustainable Cities

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Water and the City

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Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape

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Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities

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Green in Cities goes Skywards

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Stepping Up with Green
Featured Writers: Cornelia Oberlander, Marc Ottelé, Wong Mun Summ, Maureen Connelly and Paul Erlichman.   ISBN
Published: Jul 13
SGD15.00 (GST inclusive)    
Awards Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence 2012 Big

Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence 2012: Green Architecture for Urban Resiliency
Seven winning green roof and wall designs in Canada and USA
Authors: Paul Erlichman

Page number: 16-21

Awards Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 Big

Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012: Exemplary Skyrise Greenery Projects in Hong Kong
Ten awarded role-model green roof and wall designs in Hong Kong
Author: Kathy Ng

Page number: 26-35

Reports A Life Cycle Assessment and Comparison

A Life-Cycle Assessment and Comparison of Five Vertical Greenery Systems: Sustainability Impacts of Vertical Greening Systems
More comprehensive comparison of five types of vertical greenery
Author: Marc Ottelé

Page number: 36-41

Reports Plant Selection for Extensive Green Roofs big

Stormwater Management Using Green Roofs in Japan: Plant Selection for Extensive Green Roofs to Optimise Water Management
The potential for the wider-scale implementation of extensive green roofs in Japan
Author: Ayako Nagase

Page number: 42-45

Reports Wind Uplift Research on Sub-Tropical Vegetated Roof Assemblies big

Developing Tests and Evaluation of Wind Resistance: Wind Uplift Research on Sub-Tropical Vegetated Roof Assemblies
Leading research on the effects of wind uplift on the performance of green roofs
Authors: Glenn Acomb , David Prevatt and Tuan Vo

Page number: 46-53

Reports Advancing Living Architecure big

Research at the British Columbia Institute of Technology's Centre for Architectural Ecology: Advancing Living Architecture
Takeaways on research facilities and curricula from a leading education institution in Canada
Author: Maureen Connelly

Page number: 54-59

Reports Redefining the Landscape or Chasing a Mirage big

Building-Integrated Vegetation: Redefining the Landscape or Chasing a Mirage?
Forecasts for the green roof and wall markets
Author: Jonathan Aditya Ranade

Page number: 60-65

Parks&Landscape_Recent_and_Future_Efforts (2)

Recent and Future Efforts: Growing Green Roofs in Copenhagen
Adoption and growth of green roofs in Copenhagen city
Author: Dorthe Rømø

Page number: 66-71

Parks&Landscapes_An_Overview_of_Skyrise_Greenery (2)

An Overview of Skyrise Greenery Initiatives in Singapore: Greening Singapore's High-Rise Urban Landscape
Current incentive schemes for architects, builders, and developers in Singapore
Author: Lok Yan Ling

Page number: 72-77


Living in a Garden: The Greening of Singapore Public Landscape
Excerpt from National Parks Board's commemorative book on 50 years of greening Singapore
Authors: Tim Auger

Page number: 78-81 

Projectfeatures PARKROYAL on Pickering

PARKROYAL on Pickering: A New Generation of Tropical Hospitality
Skyscraper hotel by WOHA Architects with a 200-percent Green Plot Ratio
Author: urchin

Page number: 82-89 

ProjectFeatures South Beach

South Beach: Building and Planting a Green City Block
Upcoming mixed-use development by Foster + Partners combines conservation, urban, and sustainable sensitivities
Authors: Narelle Yabuka

Page number: 90-97 

Project Features Jardin big

Jardin: Home in a Garden
A Prime condominium by DP Architects is integrated with extensive terrace gardens
Authors: Yeong Weng Fai

Page number: 98-105 

Project Features VanDusen Botanical Garden big

VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre: Growing a Garden for 21st Century
Visitor centre at popular botanical gardens by Sharp + Diamond Inc. and Cornelia Oberlander is Canada's first successful "Living Building"
Authors: Ken Larsson and Cornelia Oberlander

Page number: 106-115 

INTERVIEW Melbourne big

The Melbourne City Rooftop Honey Buzz: Sweet Success on Rooftops
Interview with co-founders of an initiative to boost urban bee populations using city rooftops
Author: Angelia Sia

Page number: 116-123 

Ecology plant ecology and skyrise greenery big

Plant Ecology and Skyrise Greening: A Plant Ecologist's Case for Extensive Green Roofs
Plant ecologists' study of plant species and extensive green roofs
Author: Jeremy Lundholm

Page number: 124-129

Parks&Landscapes_Tall_Building_in_Southeast_Asia (2)

Tall Buildings in Southeast Asia: A Humanist Approach to Tropical High-Rise
Sustainability and vertical greenery concepts from WOHA Architects
Author: Wong Mun Summ & Richard Hassell and Alina Yeo

Page number: 130-139 

Commentary HDB big

Evolving Roof Gardens of HDB Public Housing Estates: Building Heartware via Skyrise Greenery
The role of skyrise greenery in Singapore's public housing
Author: Rachel Teo

Page number: 140-145