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CITYGREEN is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology. Winner of the MPAS Awards 2015 as well as APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for six consecutive years - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, it covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

The articles are written by well-known experts and professionals from disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban ecology. As a magazine, it is a useful resource and communicates valuable information in highly readable and delightfully illustrated format.

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Martha, S. (2011, July). The Softer Side of Sustainability & the Hardworking Urban Landscape, CITYGREEN: Parks - Enhancing Liveability in Cities, 3, 122-127.

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Verdant Cities

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Nature in Urban Space

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Exploring Connections

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City Habitats

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Ecologically Healthy Cities

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Resilience in Cities

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Nature and Health in Cities

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Cultivating the City

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Stepping Up with Green

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Green Spaces for Sustainable Cities

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Water and the City

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Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape

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Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities

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Green in Cities goes Skywards

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Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape
 Issue 4
Featured Writers: Timothy Beatley, Bruce Clarkson, Richard Corlett, Tony Gross, Steward Pickett &Chris Russell.   ISBN
Published: Jan 12
Paperback.   Digital (iPad compatible)
SGD 14.02   SGD 14.02

The 8th SILA Professional Design Awards
Presented by Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

Page number:26-31

LIAS Awards of Excellence 2011
Presented by Landscape Industry Association Singapore

Page number:36-41

Skyrise Greenery Awards 2011
Presented by Singapore Institute of Architects and National Parks Board
Author: Lok Yan Ling (National Parks Board)

Page number:46-49

ICLEI's Cities Biodiversity Center: Solutions For Local Governments For Global Biodiversity Results
How local governments can better contribute to global biodiversity efforts
Author: Shela Patrickson (ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability)

Page number:56-59

Reconstructing Hamilton's Indigenous Ecosystems: The Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park
Insights from the ecosystem reconstruction at Hamilton City's Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park
Authors: Bruce Clarkson, Catherine Bryan and Fiona Clarkson (University of Waikato)

Page number:60-67

Understanding and Working With Urban Biodiversity: The Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Frameworks and concepts to better understand urban biodiversity
Authors: Steward Pickett (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies), Grace Brush and Katalin Szlavecz (Johns Hopkins University)Alexander Felson (Yale University), Brian McGrath (Parsons the New School for Design), J. Morgan Grove (US Department of Agriculture), Charles Nilon (University of Missouri), Christopher Swan (University of Maryland), Paige Warren (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Page number:68-77

A Model For Assessing Biodiversity Conservation in Cities: The Singapore Index on Cities' Biodiversity
A precedent for measuring biodiversity conservation efforts at the city level
Authors: Lena Chan and Muslim Anshari (National Parks Board)

Page number:78-87

Backyards to Biolinks: The Role of Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne in Urban Greening
Appreciating biolinks in urban, biodiverse, sustainable botanical gardens
Author: Chris Russell, Jill Burness and Sharon Willoughby (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne)

Page number:88-93

Achieving the Goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity: National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans
Evaluating our national biodiversity strategies and action plans
Author: Tony Gross (United Nations University)

Page number:94-99

Biodiversity's Crucial Role in the Modern Singapore City
An overview of the key biodiversity and ecosystems of Singapore
Author: Geoffrey Davison (National Parks Board)

Page number:102-109

Creating Butterfly Habitats and Gardens to Enhance Urban Biodiversity
Understanding butterflies and designing gardens for them in Singapore city
Author: Gary Chua (Gardens by the Bay)

Page number:110-119

Enhancing the Diversity of Dragonflies in Urban Areas
Habitat creation for dragonflies in the Labrador Nature Reserve
Authors: Sek Jun-Yan, Robin Ngiam, Benjamin Lee, and Mohd Roslee Bin Ali (National Parks Board)

Page number:120-123

Conserving Our Native Birds
Understanding the food and habitat requirements of Singapore's native birds
Authors: Geoffrey Davison (National Parks Board), Subaraj Rajathurai

Page number:124-129

Conserving Hornbills in the Urban Environment
The role of hornbills in ecosystems and their conservation in Singapore
Author: Robert Teo (National Parks Board)

Page number:130-135

Habitat Enhancement For Fireflies
Why and how to create and maintain habitats for fireflies
Author: Chan Su Hooi (National Parks Board)

Page number:136-141

Conservation and Reintroduction of Native Orchids in the City in a Garden
Observations and lessons from Singapore's Orchid Conservation Programme
Authors: Yam Tim Wing, Peter Ang, Felicia Tay and Soh Weijing (National Parks Board)

Page number:142-147

Insights From The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Study: Nature Adds Economic Value to City Planning
The economic value of ecosystem services and nature conservation to societies
Author: Georgina Langdale (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, TEEB)

Page number:148-151

Landscape and Health: Green Cities—Good For the Soul?
Realising the importance of city greenery for wellbeing
Author: Jenny Roe (Heriot-Watt University)

Page number:152-157

Understanding the Effects of: Climate Change on Tropical Urban Biodiversity
The consequences of climate change on cities' biodiversity and ecosystems
Author: Richard Corlett (National University of Singapore)

Page number:158-161

An Excerpt: Imagining Biophilic Cities
A peek into the pages of Biophilic Cities
Author: Tim Beatley (University of Virginia)

Page number:162-169