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CITYGREEN is a biannual publication of the Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology. Winner of the MPAS Awards 2015 as well as APEX Awards for Publication Excellence for six consecutive years - 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, it covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

The articles are written by well-known experts and professionals from disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban ecology. As a magazine, it is a useful resource and communicates valuable information in highly readable and delightfully illustrated format.

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Martha, S. (2011, July). The Softer Side of Sustainability & the Hardworking Urban Landscape, CITYGREEN: Parks - Enhancing Liveability in Cities, 3, 122-127.

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Issue 15
Verdant Cities

Issue 14
Nature in Urban Space

Issue 13
Exploring Connections

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City Habitats

Issue 11
Ecologically Healthy Cities

Issue 10
Resilience in Cities

Issue 9
Nature and Health in Cities

Issue 8
Cultivating the City

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Stepping Up with Green

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Green Spaces for Sustainable Cities

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Water and the City

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Biodiversity in the Urban Landscape

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Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities

Issue 2
Green in Cities goes Skywards

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Featuring Gardens by the Bay


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Green in Cities goes Skywards
 Issue 2
Featured - Writers: Wolfgang Ansel, Nathalie Baumann, Tan Puay Yok, Wong Nyuk Hien, Ken Yeang & the exclusive interview with Patrick Blanc.   Details
Published: Dec 10
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CG 2.1

A Practical Approach: Incentives For Skyrise Greenery
Existing green roof incentive schemes in Singapore
Author: Vincent Cossé (National Parks Board)

Page number:10-11

CG 2.2

An International Review of Current Practices and Future Trends: Green Roof Policies
Learning From Green Roof Policies Around The World
Authors: Wolfgang Ansel and Roland Appl (International Green Roof Association, IGRA)

Page number:12-15

CG 2.3

Urban Landscape Maintenance in Singapore: Special Report on Landscape Productivity Management
A Comparison Between Australia And Singapore 
Authors: David Vial and Michelle Prior (Integrated Open Sapce Services, IOSS), Neil Power and Kevin Lim (National Parks Board)

Page number:16-23

CG 2.4

The International Green Roof Industry's  Online Information Portal: Greenroofs.Com
A One-Stop Resource For Green Roofs Online
Author: Linda S. Velazquez (

Page number:24-27

CG 2.5

A Short History: Growing Gardens in the Skies
The Development of Public Landscaping and Skyrise Greenery In the Garden City
Author: Angelia Sia (National Parks Board)

Page number:28-31

CG 2.6

New Green Heights in Public Housing Development: The Pinnacle@Duxton
The Residential Skyrise Gardens Award Winner Sets a New Green Standard for HDB Flats
Author: Chris Low

Page number:32-37

CG 2.7

The City Greens: Marina Bay Sands
The New Integrated Resort Helps to fulfil Marina By's Green Vision
Author: Christine Liew

Page number:38-45

CG 2.8

An Ecological Approach to Building Design: Solaris
The Innovative Ecological Features of Skyscraper Solaris
Authors: Ken Yeang and Mitch Gelber (T. R. Hamzah & Yeang)

Page number:46-53

CG 2.9

Botanist and Green Visionary: Up Close with Dr. Patrick Blanc
A Journey on Vertical Greenery and Rainforest Understoreys with Dr. Blanc
Authors: Vincent Cossé and Angelia Sia (National Parks Board)

Page number:54-59

CG 2.10

Landscaping Ahead: Interview with Andrew Grant
The Landscape Architect of Bay South Shares his Insights on Landscape Architecture
Author: Christine Liew  

Page number:60-67

CG 2.11

Interview with Dr. Christopher Silver: 2011, A Master's Programme in Sustainable Design
Dr. Silver Elaborates on the Latest Opportunity for a Master's in Sustainable Design

Page number:68-69

CG 2.12

Urban Habitats For Ground-Nesting Birds, Insects And Plants: Green Roofs In Switzerland
How Green Roofs act as Biodiverse Urban Habitats in Switzerland
Author: Nathalie Baumann (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Page number:80-83

CG 2.13

Green Toronto Award Winners: Roof Gardens with Biodiversity
A Closer Look at two Successful Roof Gardens with Biodiversity in Toronto
Author: Erin MacKeen (Urbanspace Property Group)

Page number:84-87

CG 2.14

Sustainable Urbanisation Down Under: Green Roofs and Vertical Greening Efforts in New Zealand
The Growing Green Efforts in New Zealand
Author: Lydia Franken (Natural Habitats)

Page number:88-89

CG 2.15

Greening the Urban Landscape: Effects of Skyrise Greenery on Building Performance
Examining the Benefits of Syrise Greenery
Authors: Wong Nyuk Hien (National University of Singapore), Alex Y.K. Tan

Page number:90-93

CG 2.16

A Developer's Perspective: Challenges in Implementing Skyrise Greenery
The Benefits and Challenge if Introducing Skyrise Greenery into Developments

Page number:94-95

CG 2.17

Vertical Greenery for Interior Spaces Made Easy: DIY Vertical Greenery at Home
Convenient Stackable Plant Modules for Homes Made Possible
Authors: Long Seen Hui (National Parks Board), Gregory Chow (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Page number:96-97

CG 2.18

The Ultimate for Skyrise Greening: Buildings Like Trees, Cities Like Gardens
Considering a Future for Buildings as Trees
Author: Tan Puay Yok (National Parks Board)

Page number:98-103