Applying for Fellowship

The CUGE Research Fellowship is open to both local and foreign applicants. The research proposal should be directly related to urban greenery, urban ecology or urban design and studies in the tropics. Successful applicants should have academic and research credentials in relevant disciplines.

The application must include:

1. A Curriculum Vitae

  • Educational qualification
  • Professional experience
  • Details of research awards held
  • Details of professional conference papers presented
  • Major publications

2. A research proposal that clearly:

  • provides an outline of the proposed topic of research
  • indicates the methodology, anticipated outcomes and deliverables of the proposed research (e.g. book, journal paper, etc)
  • indicates the audience for the proposed research
  • indicates the dates during which the fellowship would be undertaken
  • contains a listing of the resources required for the research

3. Foreign applicants should apply for visa/ entry permit if applicable. NParks will facilitate the application of relevant working pass.

Please direct enquiries on CUGE Research Fellowship to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..