Parks and Trees Regulation Seminar

As Singapore continues to urbanise, it is important to plan and design for greenery in developments to ensure that Singaporeans can enjoy living in an environment of the highest quality. To this end, NParks has been working with industry practitioners to safeguard greenery provisions, conserve mature trees, and introduce plantings within development sites. Hence, we would like to invite you to this seminar where we would share information on the enhancements to allow flexibility in the provision of buffers and peripheral planting, the expansion of the Self-Declaration Scheme, and the setting up of a new service centre to facilitate pre-consultations. 


Timeingadn   Programme
0900-0910 Opening Address
Ms Ang Wei Ping, Ag Group Director/Policy & Planning Division
0910-0930 Overview on Enhancements to Regulations, Guidelines and Submission Workflow
Ms Ang Wei Ping, Ag Group Director/Policy & Planning Division

An overview will be provided on key guidelines, and changes to existing guidelines, regulations and forms to allow flexibility in greenery provisions. We will share more about the new service centre that will be set up to facilitate walk-in pre-consultations and how submission workflow will be streamlined to support this new initiative. 
0930-0950 Greater Flexibility in Meeting Greenery Provision Requirements Within Premises
Mr Goh Kun Han, Deputy Director/Parks & Trees Regulatory

Developments are required to provide planting areas surrounding the premises or within open air parking areas at street level. NParks has reviewed the guidelines to allow for greater flexibility in the provision of these green areas in response to increasing feedback on technical and design constraints faced by industry practitioners. We will share details as well as relevant updates pertaining to the greenery provision requirements. 
0950-1020 Tea Break
1020-1040 Enhanced Self-Declaration Scheme
Mr John Loo, Deputy Director/Parks & Trees Regulatory

The Self-Declaration Scheme has been expanded to all developments that meet the qualifying critieria, and is now applicable at the DC, BP and CSC stages. We will be sharing on the enhanced scheme. 
1040-1100 How to Speed Up Clearance for CSC Application? 
Mr Andrew Lim, Senior Manager/Parks & Trees Regulatory

Application for Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) clearance is required after the completion of a development project. We will be sharing on NParks' guidelines and requirements as well as how to be prepared for the site inspection, with the aim of facilitating your CSC application. 
1100-1300 Post-Seminar Clinic Session At Ridley Hall

After the seminar, take the opportunity to have a Clinic Session with NParks to address queries on regulatory requirements or plan submission procedures. To maximise the outcome of the Clinic Session, you can bring a long on-going project plans for discussion. 

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis as limited time slots are available. Please indicate your interest for the Clinic Session when you register for the seminar. We will notify you the confirmed time slot for the session when you check-in for the seminar. 
1300 End of Clinic Session


  • Qualified Person
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Arborists
Professional Certification CEUs/CPDs
ISA Certified Arborist 1
ISA BCMA - Management 1
ISA Municipal Specialist 1
Certified Practising Horticulturist Pending
Singapore Institute of Architects Pending
Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Pending
Professional Engineer Board Pending

This seminar is free of charge. 

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