CUGE-ECO-3112 Importance of Insects in Environmental Assessments

Insects are the most diverse group of organisms in the world. They occupy every thinkable habitat and niche, from the borders of the sea to the desert and rainforest. They are host and transmitter of many diseases but without them life is impossible.

In this workshop you will be trained to recognise and sort the different insect groups typically found in Singapore and in the Oriental Region. We will show you standardised techniques to collect insects and how to do statistical analysis of the data. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) brings relief for the non-expert identification of the mega diverse insect groups. At the end of the workshop you will be able to recognise insect groups, create an informative database and assess the quality of Singapore’s mangroves and forests based on various insect groups.



22 Nov ·        General introduction to the different insect groups  ̶  how to recognise bugs, flies, beetles
·        Sampling  ̶̶  various standards and protocols
·        Setting up sample protocols using various techniques
23 Nov ·        Model insect groups for environmental assessments
·        Species radiation by sexual selection and female choice
·        Next Generation Sequencing  ̶  new approaches to identify mega diverse groups
·        Sorting of samples
24 Nov ·        Assessments and bio-indicators
·        Insect diversity in the canopy
·        Sorting of samples
·        Analysis of data

Date 22 to 24 Nov
Time 9am to 5pm
Venue Hands-on House Laboratory, HortPark
Address 33 Hyderabad Road, S119578 (off Alexandra Road)
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• Lecture/classroom-based

• Site visits/field study

• Hands-on

• Ecologists
• Green space managers
• Landscape professionals
• Environmental consultant

Dr Patrick Grootaert is a Diptera specialist from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. He holds a PhD (Zoology) from the State University of Ghent and has published more than 380 papers in journals and book chapters and has done more than 160 presentations at congresses. Dr Grootaert’s experience spans many countries. He has done numerous projects on site quality assessment and diversity and has also participated in many expeditions to survey Diptera in various parts of Southeast Asia, Western Europe, South America and Congo. In 2005, he uncovered more than 150 new species of long-legged flies in Singapore.

Professional Certification CEUs/CPDs
Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects 6 Electives

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